Counseling in Atlanta, Ga

My name is Dr. Richard Carell of Psychological Associates / Mental Health Counseling; I am part of a compassionate, professional, and extensively knowledgeable organization that specializes in the area of Atlanta mental health, counseling, family therapy, psychological testing, and school psychology. It is my belief that counseling in Atlanta, GA is a collaborative process between counselor and client where issues which are brought to discussion can be worked through which in turn relieves the crisis and returns the individual or family to more comfortable levels of function. This requires motivation and a commitment to work toward the achievement of goals set at the first few sessions which are developed between client and therapist/counselor.

My style as a therapist in Atlanta, GA is to enable the client to become a more comfortable person with me to achieve agreed upon goals set to maximize potential and return to a more productive life. I am a compassionate, caring, trustworthy, ethical, knowledgeable, experienced and effective psychological testing counselor who also believes that short-term therapies can be utilized with most mental health issues so that the client can return to life feeling productive and better about him/her self. Various psychological testing services are available and the selection of strategies and techniques will depend upon the presenting problems the client brings to the office.

My assessment skills also include psychological help for elder care decision making regarding the differentiation of Dementia vs. Alzheimer’s so that physicians and families can make informed decisions regarding their future care with proper direction.

As a counselor I provide counseling, psychotherapy, consultation services to employers, court ordered testing, employee assistance counseling, psychological testing, addictions treatment and sexual dysfunction issues. Divorce and separation issues are also addressed as well as family issues which are affected by such decisions. Psychological testing includes intelligence, personality, learning disabilities, and educational achievement all of which impact a child’s performance in their educational settings. I would very much enjoy meeting you so that we can collaboratively work on your issues.